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  1. Bayes-optimal inference for spreading processes on random networks
    Ghio, Davide, Aragon, Antoine L. M.,  Biazzo, Indaco, and Zdeborová, Lenka
    Phys. Rev. E Oct 2023
  2. The autoregressive neural network architecture of the Boltzmann distribution of pairwise interacting spins systems
    Biazzo, Indaco
    Communications Physics Oct 2023


  1. A Bayesian generative neural network framework for epidemic inference problems
    Biazzo, Indaco, Braunstein, Alfredo, Dall’Asta, Luca, and Mazza, Fabio
    Scientific Reports Oct 2022
  2. CityChrone: an Interactive Platform for Transport Network Analysis and Planning in Urban Systems
    Biazzo, Indaco
    In Complex Networks & Their Applications X Oct 2022


  1. Epidemic mitigation by statistical inference from contact tracing data
    Baker, Antoine,  Biazzo, Indaco, Braunstein, Alfredo, Catania, Giovanni, Dall’Asta, Luca, Ingrosso, Alessandro, Krzakala, Florent, Mazza, Fabio, Mézard, Marc, Muntoni, Anna Paola, and others,
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Oct 2021
  2. Entropy production of selfish drivers: implications for efficiency and predictability of movements in a city
    Biazzo, Indaco, Nezhadhaghighi, Mohsen Ghasemi, and Ramezanpour, Abolfazl
    Journal of Physics: Complexity Oct 2021


  1. Efficiency and irreversibility of movements in a city
    Biazzo, Indaco, and Ramezanpour, Abolfazl
    Scientific reports Oct 2020


  1. A simulation tool for energy management of e-mobility in urban areas
    Ferrara, Marina, Monechi, Bernardo, Valenti, Gaetano, Liberto, Carlo, Nigro, Marialisa, and Biazzo, Indaco
    In 2019 6th International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS) Oct 2019
  2. General scores for accessibility and inequality measures in urban areas
    Biazzo, Indaco, Monechi, Bernardo, and Loreto, Vittorio
    Royal Society open science Oct 2019


  1. Bethe free-energy approximations for disordered quantum systems
    Biazzo, I., and Ramezanpour, A.
    Phys. Rev. E Jun 2014


  1. Low-temperature excitations within the Bethe approximation
    Biazzo, I, and Ramezanpour, A
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment Jun 2013


  1. Performance of a cavity-method-based algorithm for the prize-collecting Steiner tree problem on graphs
    Biazzo, Indaco, Braunstein, Alfredo, and Zecchina, Riccardo
    Phys. Rev. E Aug 2012


  1. A note on rattlers in amorphous packings of binary mixtures of hard spheres
    Biazzo, I., Caltagirone, F., Parisi, G., and Zamponi, F.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics Aug 2010


  1. Theory of Amorphous Packings of Binary Mixtures of Hard Spheres
    Biazzo, Indaco, Caltagirone, Francesco, Parisi, Giorgio, and Zamponi, Francesco
    Phys. Rev. Lett. May 2009